Have you got your meishi? Meishi (pronounced May-Shee) are much more than the simple piece of printed cardboard used as the western business card. They are aids to memory, a guide to conversation and manners. And they are absolutely essential in Japan.

A few hints about designing your Meishi

Click Business Cards ensure that your cards are 89 x 53mm which is a very common size internationally.

You can upload your completed artwork including embedded Japanese Fonts directly on our website

What Japanese font should you use?

There are three writing systems, as you may know: hiragana, katakana, and kanji, or Chinese characters. It is probably easiest for you to make a meishi with your name in katakana. Should you decide to make a meishi with kanji, choosing characters to match the sounds of your name, pay attention to the meaning of the characters. A good choice of characters could create a strong impression, but a bad choice might just make you look foolish.

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