We do get asked if it is safe to use your credit card over the internet for payment of orders. And we take credit card security seriously as do all reputable internet retailers.

The online retail business sector is the fastest growing area of retailing. There are many entities who form part of the payment process and it is in everyones interest for security to be of the highest priority.

We use a fully encrypted secure website and gateway for all credit card transactions. Your credit card details are passed through to the bank via an encrypted socket which is proven to be the safest transfer method possible.

Secure Payment Partners

We utilise the services of Printing Payments who are fully owned by ourselves to complete the secure payment process.

Printing Payments has been set up by us to ensure that there is a complete and dedicated focus on internet security employed by our business.

The other processes and partners are Thwate who verify our validity as a company before issuing a secure website certificate which enables us to offer the "https" web page which is a Secure website.

Then there is the St George bank of Australia who backends our transaction process.

The level of security we have on offer is one of the highest available today. There are simply too many players in this game to be stupid enough to let any one link be weak or broken. Frankly our experience has been that everyone in the payment chain is overly cautious demanding an incredibly high level of compliance to every possible security protocol from each other to protect this industry. High standards we are most happy to comply with.