Click Business Cards Quality Guarantee

We so often have emails from new customers thanking us for making their first internet purchase a great experience. Explaining how they were hesitant to do business over the internet but saw our sites benefits to there business card need. Having given a go, they are now a little more confident about this whole new trend to internet purchasing.

If it is a guarantee you want, then here it is. We know that you will be satisfied with our quality, our service and our price.

We guarantee it.

You can be confident that we are for real and that you can at any time pick up a phone and call us. Or drive around to our warehouse in Sydney and we will be there - hard at work.

But surely you've had complaints

Certainly. You cannot be in a service industry and not have your share of complaints. The measure of a company is what they do with a complaint. Ignore it? Run and hide? Not at Click Business Cards.

We want your experience to be a good one and this includes after sales service.

So what complaints have we had. I have to start off by saying that complaints are out numbered by compliments by 100 to 1. And that is taking into account all the misdirected complaints.

We do have the occassional parcel go missing with Australia Post. But by and large it would be less than 1 in 500. If the parcel doesn't arrive our policy is to reprint and redispatch ASAP at no charge.

But the most common complaint is a misspelt word or incorrect phone number in the cards text. Unfortunately, this error is beyond our control as you type in the text and we do not ever touch this in our process. In these cases you will have to wear the responsibility of a reprint. Our prices are so keen there is no buffer for us to insure your typing. Please check your typing carefully.

We don't have a shop front

Our website and email is our face to face with you and we know this can be unsettling for new internet users. We are humans in the background, and you can pick up the phone - day or night - and prove that we exist and we are contactable.

Call us now on .